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Company Profile: iClassics Collections

Since 2011, friends Efrén Garcia and David G. Fores have been working on the iClassics Collection. The digital publishing startup, based in Barcelona, Spain, is growing a classic literature library for mobiles and portable devices.

A collection of 10 Edgar Allan Poe short stories served as the starting point for iClassics, and it was shortly followed by the iLovecraft, iWilde, iDoyle and iDickens collections. Currently, there are six collections that readers can enjoy in Spanish, English, French and Portuguese. These are all available on iTunes (AppStore), Google Play and Amazon.

How does it work?

Through illustrations, sound effects, animations, interactivity and spectacular soundtracks, iClassics enriches some of the best classic literature, transforming reading into a unique, interactive experience.

David G. Fores, creative director, says: “Our contribution is basically providing a new format for both classic and contemporary literature, creating an interactive environment adapted to the habits of young people.

“It is very common that people think we do e-books, but we do not, we create enriched books. The iClassics are applications with endless creative possibilities, far more than the already conventional e-books”.

In the classroom, iClassics promotes the productive use of electronic devices beyond the usual games, an element of disruption, with a significant contribution to teaching, with many opportunities to work in the classroom. In some schools in the US, where Edgar Allan Poe is required reading, iClassics is used as a tool to study the classic mystery tales of the writer.

They seek to creatively exploit the power of the mobile technologies that are now so intuitive for the young, and believe the educational possibilities are endless.

Success so far?

Various international awards, including the Best Fiction App at the 2012 Publishing Innovation Award at Digital Book World, have consolidated the startup as a cultural, educational, ludic and creative project.

Having amassed more than 900,000 downloads and received thousands of positive reviews by users; iClassics leads the way in the interactive book market.

New developments?

To commemorate Jack London’s centenary, the startup has recently launched a new interactive collection, iLondon: The Immersive Jack London Experience. The collection includes several stories by the author: ‘The Story of Keesh’, ‘Moon-Face’ and ‘The Law of Life’, which have been made into interactive tales. 

iLondon features?

– Available in 4 languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.

– 30 minutes of original soundtrack

– 23 music tracks

– 138 sound effects

– 47 illustrations – 87 animations

– 81 interactive elements

– Jump to any page in the book with the table of contents.

– Memory pages: Put it down at any time and return to the same page.

– Universal App: Pay once and access from any iPhone or iPad device.

– Easy to use interface

– Extras: Biography of Jack London and sketches of illustrations by Caesar Samaniego, Aitor Prieto and David G. Fores

Watch the Jack London trailer, here:

For more information, visit the iClassics Collection website.


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