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Literature Beyond the Page: ILS Interview Wattpad Users and Designers

As part of a series of work looking at how digital developments are shaping the books market, the International Literature Showcase (ILS) – an initiative by Writers’ Centre Norwich and the British Council to support UK writers and organisations – have interviewed users and writers of Wattpad.

They talked directly with the platform’s designers as well as three writers with divergent experiences of the platform: Taran Marathu, who wrote his first book during NaNoWriMo in 2013; Vic James, who took to Wattpad to publish Slavedays; and Simon K Jones, who began serialising his story A Day of Faces on Wattpad in 2015, publishing a new chapter each week.

In the interview, the ILS unpick the Wattpad distribution system, how modern technology is helping resurge age old creative forms and if Wattpad’s technical design and structure influence the artistic output of its writers.

You can read the full interview on the ILS’s website. 

For more on Wattpad, take a look at The Literary Platform’s 2012 interview, “Building the world’s biggest reader and writer community” with Wattpad’s Co-Founder, Allen Lau.

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