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The Lit Platform: Publishing Possibilities

Storytelling, technology and beyond.

The Literary Platform is an internationally renowned agency working with books and technology. It was listed in the British Council Creative Economy’s Top TenUK Creative Entrepreneurs (2013), and in the Guardian Professional/h.Club 100‘most innovative and influential’ in the creative industries as well as the Fortuna50 Index of the UK’s fastest growing female-led small businesses (2015).

In 2019, the Literary Platform relaunched as The Lit Platform, an initiative dedicated to publishing and promoting writing in all its forms, building audiences across the South West and beyond. Underpinned by skills development, knowledge sharing and network building, The Lit Platform is the go-to place for great content, events and initiatives exploring and showcasing fresh perspectives on publishing, digital culture and innovation.

The Lit

At the heart of The Lit Platform is The Lit, a quarterly journal exploring the possibilities of publishing and storytelling in all its forms.

Each issue takes an industry talking point and look at it from multiple angles: straight-on analysis, sideways tilts on a theme or completely upside down perspectives that encourage us to reconsider everything we think we know.

From in-depth essays to bitesize insight, fresh new writing to known talents, The Lit offers a counter-view of what’s happening in the world of writing today and tomorrow, celebrating, championing and interrogating the rich mix of voices, practices and spaces that make up the contemporary publishing industry.

Issue Two, Stories from the Slipstream, is out now.

Find out how to submit a feature idea for Issue Three.