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Salon London at Digital Shoreditch

Digital Shoreditch aims to be the UK’s version of South by Southwest Interactive by 2016, but as those who were inspired and entertained by last year’s festival know it is already well on the way.  Billed as a two week urban festival, this year it runs from the 21st May to the 1st June, and is focused on showcasing the cream of the digital crop.

Which is exactly why, Salon- London is sliding east.  Showing out as the early evening part of ‘Identity Day’ on the 25th May, it will take an irreverent look at our digital world.  Margaret Heffernan examines the code itself, whether its masculine structure actually inhibits our identities on line, Simon Warren, the photo tutor enables us to make ourselves and our lives look loads better on line, and Kerry Daynes will help us answer the question our digital lives are making us ask ourselves, ‘but enough about me, am I a narcissist?’

Video trail is here:

When: 25th May Time: 12.30pm till late

Where: The Venue @ Shoreditch Village: 186 Shoreditch High Street LONDON E1 6HU (Map)

And because you are super special…

Here is the hyperlink to the VIP ticket sign

To the

Tweet us for extra cake on the day! Mention @digishoreditch and #DS12 #IDENTITY 🙂

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