Wednesday 1st April 2015


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Clean Reader is Only the Beginning: 5 E-Reader Apps We Want to See

Chris Farnell


The latest app for the discerning reader is “Clean Reader”, a handy little bit of software that goes through your favourite literature and removes all that unpleasant blue language. The consequences of this app are nothing short of spectacular. You will finally be able to show the works of Chuck Palahniuk to your mum. Biology students will find their work much easier as now the only body parts that exist between people’s knees and their bellybuttons are the “bottom” and in extreme cases, the “groin”. The New Testament will now star the brilliantly named Geez Gosh, because what the Bible’s been lacking all this time is a character who sounds like he’s from the Beano.

And yes, some say that this is ruining great works of literature, taking words that were precisely chosen by an artist for a specific reason and letting a not very bright robot cram the vocabulary of Just William in their place (Does Just William survive the Clean Reader intact? I haven’t checked). Read more »

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China’s mobile reading phenomenon

Sophie Rochester

The Literary Platform

China’s current publishing landscape is at once exciting and complex, and is in the midst of a significant transformation through its opening up to the world in commerce and culture, and through the impact of technology which is, as elsewhere, radically changing the way its readers consume and share written content.

In December 2014, the number of Internet users in China reached 649 million, of which the number of mobile Internet users had reached 557 million (85.8%), according to the 35th Statistical Report on Internet Development in China [1].  Nielsen data [2] has put the percentage of Chinese consumers aged 16+ with a mobile phone at 89%.

This surge in mobile use has brought with it a surge in mobile reading, defined by China Publishers as ‘the act of reading and consuming digital content on mobile devices’ [3] such as phones, tablets, PCs, e-readers, etc. and which covers e-books, e-newspapers, e-magazines and mobile cartoons. Mobile reading hit its stride in 2012, with total revenues of 6.89 billion Yuan (£656 million), with the number of cumulative users that year surpassing 600 million. [4] Read more »

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