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The Lit Issue Six: Glitch

A tremor, a defect, a rupture in the digital surface... The Lit’s open call is live for your creative work around the theme of ‘Glitch’.

Artists have long embraced the anomalies of our digital world, and as we sink more deeply into an artificial landscape, these irregularities hold more relevance than ever. In an age where perfection rules and the space for error is shrinking, how do we respond to the tiny disruptions that reveal the reality beneath the veneer? Can we provoke them, play with them, celebrate them?  

  Focussing on the theme of Glitch, The Lit invites you to submit your creative responses to be published in The Lit Issue 6 (April 2024). We are looking for fiction (500-1500 words), poetry (up to 40 lines, or equivalent in images) and essays (up to 2000 words). In this issue we want to delve further into the subject and medium of sound; so we also welcome audio submissions, or any alternative medium that presents a response to the theme.  

A few example sub-themes are listed below for inspiration, but feel free to surprise us!  

  1. AI and smart devices  
  2. image filters  
  3. the culture of voyeurism  
  4. post-truth  
  5. time slip and the paranormal  
  6. online disinhibition  
  7. internet addiction and ‘touch grass’  

Each participant can send one submission, to [email protected]. The submission deadline is midnight Tuesday 16th January 2024.  

Take a look at previous issues to find out more about The Lit and the types of topics and angles that have been explored in the past.  

We look forward to reading your submissions.  

The Editorial Team 

Anna Kiernan (Editor-at-Large, The Literary Platform and Senior Lecturer in Creativity and Innovation, University of Exeter)

Hazel Beevers (Managing Editor and Director, The Literary Platform)  

April Roach (Guest Editor, Journalist and Author, Amsterdam)  

Amenah Abouward (Project Manager, Editor and Copywriter, Cairo)  

Yudi Wu (Creative Director and Creative Producer at MAKETANK)  

Amy Lilwall (Guest Editor and Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing, University of Lincoln)  

Oswin Tickler (Lead Contributor and Senior Lecturer in Magazine and Book Design, University of the Arts, London)  

Alastair Horne (Lead Contributor and Lecturer in Publishing Studies, University of Stirling)  

Meet the rest of our editorial board.

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