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Frankfurt Academy Quarterly: Digital Publishing and Distribution

Frankfurt Book Fair approached us to work with them on an experimental digital publishing and distribution project for the summer 2013 issue of their Frankfurt Academy Quarterly publication.

In addition to finding new readers for FAQ, Frankfurt Book Fair were keen to chart the publishing and distribution process – and progress – on their site. Online publishing and discoverability are the two issues that all their clients are interested in and the project was a way for them to share knowledge prompt debate.

We started by surveying which platforms might be suitable for FAQ and selected Padify, Magzter, and Scribd – three very different platforms which would provide three very different experiences to report back on.

The Literary Platform Collective managed all aspects of the project from contracts to working with the Padify team on design and layout to uploading content directly to Magzter.

You can read more about the project and what we observed along the way in our posts for the Frankfurt Book Fair blog here and here. We’ll be posting results soon.

You can see the final products here: