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Alexandre Valentino

"It's true that you need to miss something to fully appreciate it. Those who never left will never understand why I came back and will probably never see the beauty of this town.

Valréas is stuck in between a rich yet forgotten history of a papal city and empty buildings of the industrial revolution left as a witness of better times.

You can unlearn how to see something that has always been around you, the same way you can invent new words to describe better what's always been in your mind." - Alexandre Valentino

Photographer Alexandre Valentino takes us on a sun-soaked tour of Valréas, France, from 2020 - 2022.

Alex is a French photographer, creative director, world-class Bmx-er and one of the longest members within the VANS team. On and off his bike, Alex is a talented artist and video producer, with credits including the VANS Palmistry Guide series, the Diggest Perspecive series, and his own design label Marie Jade.

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