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Terrified of public speaking…?

…Public Speaking London have got you covered!

This unique and resolutely non-corporate workshop will empower you with the skills you need to transform your fears about public speaking into excitement.

Covering all of the essentials – mind, body and voice – this course will call upon crucial lessons from CBT, Mindfulness and NLP. Part of the day will also be run by an actress/comedian, who will teach you the tricks of her trade, providing you with simple warm up routines and voice coaching techniques.

Whether it’s a best man’s speech, an intimidating conference call or meeting, an important presentation or pitch for investors, they will help you to summon your self-confidence and to find enjoyment in communicating your passions.

The aim for the day is to provide you with immediately actionable methods and quick tips for finding poise, presence and composure, anytime, anywhere. And they’re determined to make it a fun experience for you all.

The first official workshop takes place on 6th December at the Little Yellow Door in Notting Hill.

5 spaces are still available at a discounted price, which includes a sit-down lunch.

For more information and prices, please contact Naomi and Helena at:  [email protected]

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