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Beyond the Book Event

Where do you place yourself on the book scale? Do you judge others by the books they have on their shelves? Do you consider books not to be a proper present? Is the book still the best tool with which to communicate ideas?

The first Salon London event of 2013 is all about celebrating both books and beyond as it launches its inaugural Transmission prize.

To help you get to grips with such subjects Stevyn Colgan will be talking through a labyrinth of lateral thinking. Steve is a world expert on unlocking creative thought and will demonstrate his talent by linking the work of all our experts and, in doing so, helping you to understand the mechanics behind lateral thinking. In this masterclass he will give attendees the skills to go
lateral on any problems you might be facing in your work, social or secret lives.

The event will also be looking at the power of bibliotherapy, designed by Ella Bertoud to unleash into our lives the magic held between two end papers. Attendees will be the first to witness a bibliotherapy LIVE session focusing in on the books we unknowingly need to read. In the chair for this experimental slot, ready to have his literary past probed and future prescribed will be the Salonniere of the East, author Damian Barr.

Hendrick’s gin have scientifically crafted a range of cocktails to reflect the big themes of Salon 2012.

Salon London February 7th 2013, at Foyles Bookshop, Charing Cross Rd, from 6:30pm

Tickets available here

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