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Harlequin to reach Teen Readers via SupersonicAds

Harlequin UK, publisher of Mills & Boon, has chosen SupersonicAds’ BrandConnect to help generate awareness of its new YA imprint MIRA Ink and new title ‘The Immortal Rules’ from New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa. The initiative marks a first for Harlequin, who had not tried direct engagement with its audience using this kind of innovative digital solution before.

BrandConnect offers precise targeting that allows contextual relevance within Facebook games and is being used by Harlequin to reach girls interested in the paranormal. It identifies female gamers aged 13 – 24 to show the YouTube videos within Facebook games.

As well as driving awareness to the target audience, BrandConnect directs people to the point of purchase at Amazon to increase sales and also drives Facebook ‘Likes’ on The Immortal Rules Facebook page.

The book is the first in the Blood of Eden series and is set to be an international hit following the success of Julie Kagawa’s previous Iron Fey series.

According to Claudia Symons, Brand Manager for MIRA INK, “What SupersonicAds offer is a great way for us to reach an audience that we might otherwise find quite difficult to target directly. The BrandConnect product offers us a real chance to engage with this community and it goes beyond just pushing the video views.

SupersonicAds MD, Gil Shoham, stated “We are delighted to see a publisher starting to use BrandConnect to engage with their target audience in this way. The way BrandConnect identifies relevant groups greatly increases the clickthrough to point of sale while helping build digital communities. This is something we expect to see many more people turn to as it becomes a standard tool for building support around new book launches, as it is currently with film and DVD releases.”

The project will be overseen by Tim Cooper, Digital & Marketing Director at Harlequin.

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