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Book Hack Day London

Book Hackday is an event that brings together people from the publishing and digital industries – alongside others – to explore the future of the form of the book.

Under one roof, designers, content developers and publishing professionals will share and create ideas, explore new media prototypes, and discover how digital technology will support such an evolution.

The day will also feature talks from thinkers and practitioners, concluding with a presentation of participants’ work.

Book Hackday is a great chance to share ideas and thoughts with others from different professions. We hope that everybody will leave with something, whether it be a deeper understanding of the future of the books; a greater insight of the possibilities offered by new media; or encounters with interesting professionals to develop interesting new working relationships. The event is supported by a genuine community of participants. Many have offered data for use on the day – in the form of metadata, content elements, or even published works. The output could take the form of apps, websites, or mobile software – all co-created on the day, by attendees.

A complementary website, BookHackers (, is now live. We expect that, after the day, participants will use it as a platform to retain and build on these relationships, as well as continuing the development of their projects.

The project will also develop through our collaboration with the Future of Publishing programme, which concludes with a conference in Bournemouth on 6 October, where the best projects from Book Hackday will be showcased to the high-profile delegation at the conference – which may even lead to commercialisation.

Book Hackday is a collaboration between Geekcamp, Idno, Perera, the Electric Bookshop, Cyprus Well,  Media Futures, and the Creative Industries iNet. It takes place at the Free Word Centre in central London, and runs from 10am to 8pm. For futher information, to nominate yourself to present at the event, or to offer some data that we could use on the day, please visit

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