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Profile Books and Cognician announce interactive book

Profile Books and award winning start-up Cognician have teamed up to produce an interactive way of making decisions based on the international bestseller The Decision Book.  This is the first time Cognician has worked with book content in this way.

Mikael Krogerus and Roman Tschappeler’s bestseller The Decision Book – which distills the 50 best decision-making models used on MBA courses and elsewhere – is taken to a new level by encouraging users to put in a response and then prompts the user to think. Cognician call this ‘artful intelligence’ not artificial intelligence – so the system encourages users to ‘think better’ rather than relying on the computer to think for them.

This is a world first for the publishing industry”, says Cognician’s Patrick Kayton. “Reading a book or ebook is a passive experience like listening to a lecture. This is like having a conversation with the author as they guide you through how to apply their ideas.

Unlike most productivity apps or self-help books this actually works”, says Profile Books Digital Publishing Manager Michael Bhaskar. “A revolution in what we can expect from books and we look forward to collaborating with Cognician on many more titles.

iPad and iPhone apps are also said to be in development. The Decision Book cog is available for download at US$15.

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