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Fast Fiction – from 0 to short story in 60 seconds…

The Sunday Times and 4th Estate have come together to launch a new selection of short stories as digital downloads. The best talent from The Sunday Times authors and a selection of short stories from the 4th Estate catalogue will be available for the first time as single stories to purchase for the e-reader or tablet.

Recognising a renaissance in the short story, and having seen how individual iTunes track downloads have already revolutionised the way we consume music, the Fast Fiction project offers readers the chance to choose, download and start reading short stories from acclaimed authors in as little as 60 seconds at a cost of between 99p and £1.99, depending on length.

The new collaboration brings together some of the best short stories available as individual epub downloads through all the usual eBook retail channels, including iBookstore, Amazon and Waterstones.

The full list of authors includes David Almond, Alexei Sayle, CK Stead, Adam Marek, Joe Dunthorne, Will Cohu, David Vann, Chris Paling, Jackie Kay, Kay Sexton, Charles Mosley, Sylvia Brownrigg, Gerard Woodward, A.L. Kennedy, Nicholas Best, Simon Robson, Hilary Mantel, Gao Xingjian, Carol Shields, Patrick Gale, Debra Dean, Edward P Jones and Joyce Carol Oates.

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