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Creating stories in layers

In our work this year we knew finding good publishing solutions to some of our digital developments would be key. A core asset to our unique work comes from our artists and illustrators, and we knew that our deeper relationship with them would bring with it new solutions and ways of thinking about content. And so we began to look at how we could build layers of visual content.

Earlier in October 2010 we released our latest story – Scruffy Kitty – with a special time-locked layer of artwork that became visible just in time for halloween, so to all our readers who opened the app on October 30th – surprise, surprise! – a pumpkin and many other fun halloween objects magically appeared for the first time.

Digital publishing is about being nimble with content, a much more fluid process than the paper and ink variety. We know we are only scratching the surface with this idea, but we are pleased to reveal that Scruffy is going to get a new lick of paint ready for the festive season with a new update Scruffy Kitty 1.1 which is out soon and will be ready just in time for jingle bells.

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