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The Literary Platform launches!

We have finally launched! The launch of The Literary Platform was announced yesterday and we’ve been amazed and delighted with the response so far.

There have been hundreds of tweets and direct messages, and press coverage in Creative Review, Design Week, Digital Arts, The Bookseller, Computer World, Bookbrunch and PC World.

Our favourite reactions yesterday were ‘wow!’ (we had a few of those), ”bookmarked‘, ‘looks great‘, ‘recommended’,loving The Literary Platform’, ‘love the idea of the Literary Platform’, ‘very useful’, ‘very interesting‘, ‘a good read’, ‘brilliant’, ‘great site and content’, ‘invaluable’,great showcase’, ‘really nice initiative’ and ‘well done!’ 

Lots of messages came from readers the UK, but also from Tokyo, New York, Canada, New Zealand and New Mexico. We had over 2,600 readers from 66 different countries in the first 24 hours.

We only really get the first day to bask in this glory – so wanted to say ‘thank you’ to all the well-wishers, especially to those of you who tweeted, re-tweeted, blogged, emailed and covered in press.

The other great response has been from publishers, writers and developers sending over projects that The Literary Platform hasn’t showcased yet so expect a surge of new content on the site over the next couple of days.

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