Lunar narratives: Occupy the Moon

Republic of the Moon is a touring exhibition of artists’ works that reimagine the future of the Moon. Combining lunar narratives, fantasies and futures, Republic of the Moon reclaims the Moon for artists, idealists, and dreamers. Curated by The Arts Catalyst and FACT, Republic of the Moon includes major new commissions by Agnes Meyer-Brandis and WE COLONISED THE MOON, and works by Leonid Tishkov, Andy Gracie, Liliane Lijn and Sharon Houkema.

Occupy the Moon‘, an original short story by Tony White, was commissioned by The Arts Catalyst to mark the opening of exhibition.

FACT Liverpool until 26 Feb 2012 AV Festival Newcastle upon Tyne, 1-31 March 2012 (The Moon Goose Analogue: Lunar Migration Bird Facility, Agnes Meyer Brandis only) London 2012, details tbc

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