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An iPad app for London

In 2012 we worked with Heuristic Media on the launch strategy for their iPad app London: a City Through Time for iPad, and later, iPhone.

Our approach was to involve key decision makers at Apple early on, to secure high profile coverage in both the mainstream media and the technology press, and to raise Heuristic’s profile as leading app developers through appearances at industry events.

We managed the relationship with the App Store, keeping Apple up to up to speed with launch plans and media coverage for the app. The app was featured in the App Store as Editor’s Choice (UK), New and Noteworthy (US), and in Best London Apps and Best of 2012 (UK).

On launch we delivered a communications campaign which capitalised on the interest in London generated by the Olympics and worked with Heuristic’s content partners, Macmillan and the Museum of London, to leverage their social media channels too. The app received wide-ranging positive coverage across the mainstream and specialist media outlets including: The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Economist, BBC Click, Tech MSN and The Londonist,

During the back-to-school and Christmas periods we re-targeted the media, positioning the app as an educational tool and a must-buy for anyone gifted a new device. This sustained approach to the campaign helped the app sell well beyond the initial launch period.

Alongside the campaign for the app we worked to raise Heuristic’s profile as leading app developers, securing speaker slots at the Future Innovation Workshop and Creative + Digital Mobile App Showcase, and submitting the App for the Future Book Best Reference App category, which it won.