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Photo Essay

Crossing Over

Maxwell Gutteridge

Photographer Maxwell Gutteridge documents a misty Vietnamese funeral procession, and in these soft-edged photographs, reflects on the liminal border between life and death

A funeral party take the ferry from the port in Haiphong, northern Vietnam to Cat Ba Island – part of famous Ha Long Bay.

For me, these scenes mirrored the recent journey taken by their deceased counterpart – crossing the misty borders of our physical realm by way of ‘The Ferryman’ to reach the peaceful tranquillity of the afterlife.

To the Vietnamese, death is not the end but is the final stage of one life to be transformed into another.

Photography by Maxwell Gutteridge.

Shot in March 2022.

Maxwell packed up his cameras and moved to Vietnam four years ago. In that time he has traveled throughout Indochina, capturing photos of people’s lives and their surroundings. As long as they agree. In his spare time he works as a Cinematographer and Video Editor.

Crossing Over

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