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The Lit Salon

The Lit Salon

Push publishing possibilities 

Want to push publishing possibilities? Welcome to The Lit Salon, by The Lit Platform. An inclusive space in between education and experimentation for publishers, writers, and readers from all backgrounds to explore and connect. 

Join now to grow your community, submit your work (and get objective feedback), read fresh new writing and get advice from industry mentors. 

The Lit Platform exists to give industry newcomers a leg up. We aim to make the publishing industry more accessible for those from underrepresented backgrounds, through practical professional experience on our editorial team, through to workshops and mentoring. Previous mentors include novelist Yara Rodrigues-Fowler (Stubborn Archivist, There Are More Things), writer Wyl Menmuir (The Many, The Draw of the Sea) and publisher Sam Jordison (Galley Beggar Press). 

Join now for as little as £7 a month. Free places available for those from backgrounds currently underrepresented in the publishing industry.Just email [email protected] to request. 

And finally…members allow us to continue our work in platforming aspiring writers and publishers, and keeps our site free from ads. Hate pop ups? Us too. Join us!

Show don’t tell 

We believe it reads better if you show, rather than tell, so here’s some feedback from our previous project partners:

“I learnt how a publishing team works together to produce and launch a publication; I hadn’t seen how the different roles interacted in real time before so it was good to see how the theory I had previously learnt played out in reality.”

MA Publishing student, University of Exeter 

“I am so thankful for organisations like yours providing support to writers in the margins of the industry. I decided to write the novel after I’d had two kids and I knew it would be very difficult for me to make contacts with people ‘on the inside’ while looking after two young children. I hoped against hope that somehow I’d get someone to read it, which incentivised me to finish it. To finally have it in the right hands and be told it’s a good novel is beyond what I imagined possible.”

Writer Sofia Abasola mentored by novelist Yara Rodrigues Fowler.

Never assume 

We don’t have all the answers though, which is where you come in. The below not looking good to you? Let us know what YOU want to see. We hold regular feedback sessions with members, so we are never assuming, always asking.

Basic Membership: £7 p/month 

Early news and networking 

  • An early bird subscription to The Lit, the online literary journal that offers a counter-view of what’s happening in the world of writing (2-3 issues p/year). Get access 24 hours before everyone else. 
  • Be the first to hear about opportunities to submit your writing or illustration to The Lit
  • Be the first in line to read it before launch day. 
  • Priority booking (24 hour window) for events and workshops aka super-useful networking opportunities 
  • Opportunity to receive free grants to our writing retreat in in Falmouth, Cornwall 

Exclusive content

  • Newsletter-only content for members, with job opportunities, career advice from our editors, writing prompts and new writing. 
  • Discounts from our brand partners
  • Opportunity to co-create – tell us what skills and advice you need, and we’ll try to fulfil it.

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