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Make Your Own Book (MYOB) Festival

The launch of Exeter's first ever Art Book Fair.

The Literary Platform, is delighted to be taking part in Exeter’s first ever Art Book Fair, Make Your Own Book Festival. Hosted at MakeTank in the heart of Exeter, the exhibition emphasises creators making their own books, and the creative publishing process for art books and book art. The festival will focus on celebrating independent Book +&/ Art creators in the Southwest who make their own book with a free exhibition from 2nd – 11th May, before the book fair starts on the 12th and 13th May.

Book +&/ Art is a festival which encompasses everything that indie creators and artists are making.  MYOB defies boundaries, stating that: ‘We don’t want to label things; we want to share with you the amazing work and the local creators behind them.’ This sentiment covers the whole event, as visitors are encouraged to get involved with the exhibition through workshops and interactions with the exhibitors.

The exhibition will explore local independent Book +&/ Art creators via books, prints, videos, installations around the accessible, multipurpose space. The links between art, books and the stories behind them will form the theme for the exhibition, providing an insight into the art-book publishing industry for those interested in this creative outlook. Featuring illustrations from Bethan Welby, Claire Le Day, Imogen Harvey Lewis and OMGIDRAWEDIT; art and installations from Devon Ukranian Association, Greenham Women Everywhere, Scary Little Girls, Isabella’s Story Bicycle, Inky Fingers, Katy Cawkwel, Siobhan Martin, Val Jones, with more to be announced.

Beyond the exhibition, the book fair will host low-cost and free (£0-15) workshops on the 12th and 13th May. Visitors can expect to make their own books, art and stories, with experiences for all age groups. Some workshops will include storytelling, illustration and bookmaking, with more announced as the week progresses on the website.

MakeTank use their multipurpose exhibition space to produce artistic, cultural creativity and to share educational exploration to the creative community in Exeter. Recognising artists as ‘powerful agents of change who help build vibrant and dynamic communities’ the exhibition is set to be an insightful look into creating books and art with diversity, inclusion and the growth of the local community at the heart.

Click here for the event link.

By Sophie Blauth, Editorial Assistant at The Literary Platform 

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