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Borderline: Call for new work responding to the war in Ukraine

The world can feel overwhelming in dark times like these, and the individual powerless. At The Literary Platform, we stand with the people of Ukraine. Now, more than ever, we need to hear the voices of those affected by war.

We are issuing a call out for new work responding to the war in Ukraine to publish in our next Issue 4 of The Lit; ‘Lines’.

“How we tell and receive stories is central to how we think, which, in turn, determines how well (how lovingly, how fully) we live.”

A thought from the Booker Prize-winning novelist George Saunders, taken from his excellent Substack, Story Club with George Saunders.

Words, books, and literature can be a light in a dark time. They allow us to escape, to feel what the characters in a story feel, to reflect the world around us and understand it better. By imagining the experiences of other people, practising our literary imagination, we can empathise, (hopefully) understand and offer help. And at the very least, by writing, by reading, we can bear witness. 

So we are issuing a call out for new work responding to the war in Ukraine to publish in our next Issue 4 of The Lit; ‘Lines’. 

It can take the form of poetry, narrative nonfiction or fiction. We only ask that where possible, the section you share is kept under 3000 words. Deadline for submissions is Friday March 25th. 

In the meantime, here is a list of organisations that you might like to donate to:

And some literary events and reading supporting Ukraine that you may be interested in:

  • Poetry for Ukraine fundraising event 
  • A track called Hummingbird, written in one hour in response to the Russian invasion 
  • This interview with a Ukrainian publisher
  • BookAid auction for UkraineAid  
  • Nobel laureates, writers and artists condemn Putin’s invasion of Ukraine 
  • Author and the Guardian’s former Russia correspondent recommends titles to help understand Ukraine invasion 
  • A war diary from Kyiv 

If you want to submit your writing to us for this open call, email [email protected] with ‘Ukraine’ as the subject title. Deadline for submissions is Friday March 25th. Publication of The Lit Issue 4 is slated for early May. 

The Literary Platform is a not for profit organisation, and has donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee: Ukraine appeal.

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