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Calling visual artists: can you visualise our next issue on writing and climate consciousness?

We’re compiling Issue 3 of The Lit and are looking for artists who can visualise the big questions that we’re hoping to answer. Can you help create a new visual language for climate change?

The Lit Platform exists to push publishing possibilities and act as a creative bridge for new writing talent.

From our head-tilting quarterly journal – The Lit – to our workshops and events, everything we do is designed to offer insight, opportunity and access for the individuals and businesses interested in shaping what publishing means today and tomorrow.

We’re currently creating Issue 3 of The Lit and are looking for visual arts undergraduates, recent graduates and master’s degree students who can visualise the big questions of publishing and climate change that the issue is exploring. 

We’re not looking for hackneyed representations of global warming or well-worn tropes. Can you help create a new visual language for climate change? 

Take a look at Issue 1 and Issue 2 to see how we have explored different visual styles for previous themes. 

Using the topics we’re looking at in Issue 3 as inspiration, we would like the visual creative to be a complete piece of work that shows the interconnected nature of the topic, referencing the feedback loop that characterises climate change. The complete work would be divided up for use with individual features. 

The creative could take the form of illustration, animated illustrations – including digital effects using code – and/or video. There is a small budget to pay contributors to The Lit, with £400 available for the chosen artist. 

Issue 3 articles

  • Climate change in world literature: the disproportionate impact of climate change and the questions of access and equity in the cultural conversation
  • Climate Visuals – how do we represent the issues, what social impact does it have?
  • How writing climate change affects questions of literary genre
  • Of the writer’s craft and climate – how writers tackle the problem
  • A systemic crisis: how should the business of publishing adapt? 

How to respond

Please provide the following in your response:

  • An example of previous work
  • 200 words on how you would approach the brief

Please email your response to [email protected]

The deadline for responses is Tuesday 18 August.

If commissioned, the work will need to be produced during the rest of August and early September. The Lit Issue 3 is due to be published in October 2020.

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