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Writers, scroll your way through our new journal and let us know: are we on the same page?

The relaunch of the Lit Platform brings the first drop of The Lit, our quarterly online journal. It’s where we get to explore the complexities, embrace the opportunities and get under the skin of publishing and storytelling today. We want to come at things sideways, move beyond the analogue vs. digital debate and look at where we are, now.

Are you with us?

We’re looking for feature ideas for Issue Three, ‘Of Climate Consciousness’, in which we discuss whether there are any silver linings to be had from the environmental predicament we find ourselves in, the impact its having on the content, activity and mindset of publishing and how that might play out tomorrow.

We’re seeking unexpected angles or deep-dive thinking from a diversity of voices and perspectives, and we’d like to know what’s not being said. Take a look around this issue and let us know your thoughts for the next. We’re all ears.

Get in touch with us on [email protected], and share your feature pitch today. Don’t forget to include a bio of your writing credentials and any relevant handles or platforms so we can check out your work to date.


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