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oolipo: unlocking the magic of storytelling

This week oolipo, the Cologne-based mobile storytelling platform that we had the pleasure of working with during the development and commissioning phase, launched their iOS mobile app along with 12 original, multimedia series including JellyBone by Kate PullingerThe Darkness Behind our Eyes by Karrie Fransman and High by Matt Thorne.

Readers will experience stories created in a unique format and driven by functionality that’s native to mobile devices.

Aware their users are used to switching between text, video and interactive elements, oolipo have tried to find the right balance between “reading” and “watching”.

“There are no comparable products on the market,” says Bastei Lübbe‘s CEO, Thomas Schierack, “and we know that we are entering new territory. But we are convinced that the idea of bringing multimedia formats to smartphones via a digital platform has enormous potential.”

Payment Model

Following successful examples from the mobile games industry, users will purchase credits in the oolipo app which can be exchanged for individual episodes or whole seasons of oolipo series. The first episode of each series or season is available for free. After registering, each user receives a welcome bonus of 250 credits, which can be re-deemed for stories. One episode of an oolipo Original costs 90 credits, which is equivalent to 90 euro cents.

Initially, the oolipo Originals four-part series Get used to it, produced with Blam Studios in Berlin, will be free. Get used to it tells the story of an international NGO (non-governmental organisation) named “Skateistan”, whose goal is to introduce young women to the sport of skateboarding, in the innovative oolipo format; the story combines a modern sport with a political message.

In Suli Breaks‘ London, I, launched in London earlier this week, readers are guided through Suli’s memories, struggles, and the London spaces where he and his crew did their thing: chicken shops, barber shops, bedrooms, sneakers, streets corners, and markets.

London, I is an encapsulation of the emotions I felt growing up. These are stories I want people to hear through the voice of London City,” Suli said.

An Android version is anticipated to follow in early summer 2017.

Find out more here.


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