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Kickstart Prolifiko: the digital productivity coach for writers

Aware there was not a Fitbit or RunKeeper for writers, Prolifiko founders Bec and Chris, decided to build something similar for writers, using scalable, persuasive technology to start people writing, help them develop and improve.

Their research-backed system, first known as Write Track, has helped hundreds of people complete all kinds of creative, educational and professional writing projects.

Including Wyl Menmuir. With a hectic job and a young family, he struggled to find the time to write. Two years ago, Wyl stumbled across an early stage version of Prolifiko and used the digital productivity system for over a year to write his first ever novel, The Many.

Not only did Wyl get a publishing deal, The Many was long-listed for the 2016 Man Booker Prize.

Over the last three years, the team have been researching and developing their system  – testing it on writers, gathering feedback, tweaking it some more.

What they’ve done so far…

Initial tracking product

– Their first product (Write Track) was a writing productivity tool that was used to test their early ideas. The website included goal setting, tracking plus a social networking functionality to enable people to share their achievements and learn from each other.

Kickstart your writing in 5 days

– Next, they developed a 5-day writing challenge – a week-long digital writing programme with a gamified element to keep people writing. The product has been dramatically simplified since their early version and encourages people to approach their project in a set of small steps using email to support and notify users.

Continue your writing

– They are now developing the next element of Prolifiko, which will be sold at the end of the 5-day writing challenge. This uses the same process as the 5-day challenge – together with support, inspiration and learning to help you continue long-term with a writing project.

Next steps

They have built the back end system, tested the prototype, designed the UX and have front-end design in place. They’ve got a team of freelance designers; developers and UX specialists who can help them pull the whole thing together into an app.

They now need your help to turn their prototype product into an app – so they can help more writers finish what they start and achieve their writing goals.

Support the initiative over on their Kickstarter page. Pledge £5 to be the first to get the app before it hits the app store, £50 or more and get writing habits masterclass webinar and £350 or more to go the ideas into action London workshop.


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