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Company Profile: TaleHunt

India-based, TaleHunt, is a micro-stories mobile app for aspiring short story writers. In 250 characters, writers can create their own very short stories and share these with the world.

The app, which launched in January and as of April 2016 has more than 10,000 active users, is the first dedicated platform for flash fiction. 

Co-founded by Ameen Rashad, Salmon Kollaparamban, and Aby Mathew, the idea for the app came about after Mathew’s struggled to find an online platform for his poem.

Although Mathew’s shared his poem, inspired by Bob Marley’s song Buffalo Soldier, on Facebook and Twitter, he received little engagement. His friend, Kollaparamban, went on to share the poem in a WhatsApp group and while it failed to get much attention from their friends, it received an overwhelming response from strangers.

Mathew’s and Kollaparamban went on to discuss this episode with their friend Rashad, realising that creative writing is well received among like-minded people.

TaleHunt was born.

How does it work?

The application has a minimalist design and the dark green theme is intended to make the TaleHunt App user-friendly and pleasant to read.

Each user has their own homepage and can follow trending tales, share their favourite tales, and follow specific authors. Verified TaleHunt users also have the option to sell their books on the platform, using Amazon.

TaleHunt, owned and operated by Mocioun Inc., generates revenue through ads, by promoting brands/companies through micro-tales and selling/promoting books.

The app is currently available on Android and iOS platforms. 


– Read short stories in your free time for Entertainment.

– You can write your own stories in less than 250 characters

– You can use the tag as a key for your reader to open your story.

– Or choose tag to represent the category in which you are writing

– 5 stories with ‘most like’ will get featured daily

– You can share share stories with your friends and family (social media, email)

What’s next?

Currently, TaleHunt only supports stories from writers around the world written in English. Yet, the app is still receiving submissions in Spanish, French, Chinese, Hindi, and German. Initially the team planned to go to multi-language from one and a half to two years, but with the volume of multi-language submissions they’re receiving, they are now trying to move that timeframe to from six to eight months.

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