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On Education

Today there are so many different access points to education. It can make every day an adventure and a challenge for parents, teachers and most of all children themselves. Given the right resources, the internet and technology opens so many doors to everyone with a renewed desire to learn what they want, when they want.

It was 8 years ago touchscreen devices were added to the mix and a light was switched on for apps and a new media for touch was invented. Learning everywhere happens with inclusivity and the sharing of ideas and knowledge; it brings with it opportunity and new communities that can work together. It can mix traditional values of quality and correctness with innovation and new perspectives that can amaze young minds to push beyond previous generations – it’s overriding purpose perhaps to reach out to more learners and allow them all to do more.

The Kids App Collective (KAPC) is group of award-winning app developers who want to engage and work with teachers and families to get digital content out to young learners today. So balanced between the individual play and creativity of like-minded developers in KAPC here are some thoughts from them all on education and the apps the have created so far.


The child is at the heart of our philosophy, the design and coding are worked on so as to not disturb the learning experience. Digital content on tablets enables children to learn at their own pace and get instant feedback. That´s why we try to create more interesting and content that covers the curriculum and enables true learning by experience.

Kristin Heitmann, ApppMedia

The essence of every idea we have is to provide the possibility to explore everything. All our apps rely on the initial STEM foundation and provide real world problem-based learning, connecting parts from all of the four STEM subjects. There is also an emphasis placed on bridging in-school and out-of-school learning opportunities. The apps are developed with a team of educational specialists and professionals in the relevant subject areas that we cover.

Joern Alraun, Urbn Pockets

Our goal is to entertain and educate children. We’re passionate about building innovative children’s apps of the highest quality that kids will love and parents can trust. Each of our apps is designed to help children learn, be that through reading, sequencing, task coordination or other pedagogical activities. We believe in sparking curiosity and stimulating the imagination with engaging activities, bringing magical worlds to life at children’s fingertips.

Gavin Barrett, StoryToys

There are many programs, apps and tools to teach children the digital world and enable them to make their first steps on digital devices, but parents and teachers often have a hard time figuring out which programs and apps are suitable for which age groups and purpose. We work closely together with artists and illustrators worldwide to bring to life our digital stories and adventures and we aim to help parents guide their children through winding roads and avenues of the digital networked world.

Verena Pausder, Fox and Sheep

Digital can change everything when it’s done right and it’s about to combining both analogue and digital in a special way. The common denominator for children and adults is our sailor character “Fiete”. He is a life-long learning companion. Like our childhood heroes children can accompany sailor Fiete on his journey through various adventures getting to know about other cultures and experience news families, friendship and trust along the way.

Sven Morawek, Ahoii Entertainment

Our apps are learning tools. With that in mind our answer is “our world is evolving, education is changing and as educators we want children to get access to the best pedagogy using 21st century tools. We know parents are concerned about screen time but, like many things in life, it’s always about balance. There is no harm in children spending time on tablets IF they are playing something that is age-appropriate and IF they also get the right amount of exercise and physical toys. Our apps are developed to be used at home or in school.

Valerie Touze, Edoki

Tinybop builds elegant, educational iOS apps to spark the curiosity of kids around the globe. Our apps empower kids to learn and create by diving into big ideas, testing how things work, and making connections about the world they live in. Built from the ideas that kids learn by trying things out for themselves and should have the freedom to create as they please, our apps encourage open play. Exploration is rewarded with physics-based animations, sophisticated sound design, and artificial intelligence. As they play and create, kids learn by experiencing the joy of discovery.

Kika Gilbert, Tinybop

Here at Nosy Crow, we don’t want reading to be the most boring thing a child can do on a touchscreen. When creating our storybook apps, we always keep the child who will eventually be using them in mind – they are highly interactive and innovative, but still place a huge emphasis on the importance of the story and the text, and through this we hope to encourage a love of reading both on and off screen. Our apps are specially created to take advantage of the devices to tell stories and provide information to children in new and engaging ways.

Tom Bonnick, Nosy Crow

For more information on KAPC and to sign up for their autumn catalogue and free teacher/parent resource visit their website here.

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