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Welcome to Picu!

Set on a junk island and featuring creatures made out of various bits of trash silhouettes, Picu is a mobile game for kids that is a unique collision between interactivity, storytelling and gameplay.

Picu is designed to give kids tools for creative play, personal expression and a good laugh. It is also another way to encourage children to love reading, stretch their imagination and have pride in creating a story, which will always be unique to them.

The core gameplay of Picu is based around a “creature shaker”. The shaker allows a player to shake the phone or tablet to generate their very own Picu creature. The app generates a random creature body that belongs to a specific Picu tribe and the player can then customise the creature by adding horns, tails, ears, changing the length and shape of legs and more.

Picu then creates an outrageously silly story to read on the flip side of the screen based on the choices that player makes as they customise their creature. The app places the creature in a predetermined narrative arc but then alters their role and character archetype based on the choices the player has made about their physicalities.

Players can create and collect as many creatures as they like – with each creature given a name and entered into the Picu Encyclopaedia of creature species (a global database of all creatures created within the game).

As well as customising the creature, the player can change other game parameters such as the setting, weather and time of day. They can also explore the Picu Island, read more about each tribe and find surprises in some of the most popular Picu hangouts.

Picu’s unique generative storytelling feature means that the app generates new stories based on an algorithm that reads the choices made by a child. This means kids have access to over 20,000 words to read a substantial offering for young readers. It is also an ever-growing storyworld and will release “episodic” style content akin to a TV or chapter book series.

Picu is seeking funds to complete production through the online crowdsourcing platform Kickstarter. To read more about the project and pledge support visit:

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