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The Writing Platform launches 2015 Bursary Programme

 The Writing Platform Bursary, which supports experimentation, collaboration and learning between writers and technologists, announces its 2015 Programme delivered in association with Creative Writing at Bath Spa University.

The Writing Platform will be making two bursaries of £4000 available. Each bursary will be awarded to a team made up of one writer and one technologist to work together on a writing project over a period of three months.

The programme is open to individual writers and individual technologists, who will be paired by the selection panel according to shared areas of interest, and to ready-made teams of writers and technologists.

 A selection panel made up of Tom Uglow, Director Google Creative Labs; Naomi Alderman, writer and professor of creative writing at Bath Spa University and Joanna Ellis, Partner at The Literary Platform, co-founders of The Writing Platform, will award the bursaries.

Tom Uglow, Creative Director of Google Creative Lab says:

 ‘My paperback may have been usurped by my phone (just like everything else) but, in my idle moments I’m still reading avidly, against the lure of streams and news. It is wonderful to be involved in supporting a new generation of writers experimenting and exploring the novel forms that these devices promise. Bursaries like The Writing Platform are amazing in allowing writers to openly challenge our preconceptions and show us nascent forms of literature’s next incarnation.’

Naomi Alderman, Writer and Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University says:

“The digital revolution is even more profound and significant than the print revolution of Gutenberg which kick-started the Reformation. We have no idea where the next 200 years will take us in terms of what writing and creativity can produce, become, and mean. What we know is that experimentation is vital, and giving creative people the opportunity to explore their boldest ideas is the best way to find out what works, and what doesn’t! I’ll be looking for ideas I haven’t seen before – ways of using technology that really push the bounds of the possible. And I’m excited to see what we find!”

Joanna Ellis, co-founder of The Writing Platform and Partner at The Literary Platform, says today,

“The Writing Platform is dedicated to supporting writers in the digital age and we are delighted to be able to provide this opportunity to writers and technologists to collaborate, experiment and learn with each other and make work they would not be able to make on their own. We were thrilled with the projects created by our 2013 recipients and I can’t wait to see what emerges this time round”

To apply and for criteria and eligibility, visit:

Deadline for applications: 4th December 2014

The Writing Platform Bursary 2015_Flyer

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