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Chris Meade presents A Night of Nearly

Chris Meade presents an hour long show that forms part of What Didn’t Quite’, a transmedianovel-in-progress, with songs composed by a character from the story

30th June, 9.00 pm at the Earl Haig Hall, London, N8 9TH

Chris Meade is a digital author who is writing fiction about how we live with the things we nearly do and composing the story in a transmedia way: posting it on line, printing it in newspapers, reading from works in progress, performing songs and calling on the audience to tell him their stories of things they’ve nearly done.

Night of Nearly involves readings by and about Freya Seward, a protagonist in What Didn’t Quite, plus the IFSO Band playing songs written by her husband Jamie. Nearlywriter Chris performs rituals devised by the Nearlyologist Mister Carraday, an outsider artist who once almost moved to Australia and now inhabits his own aboriginal outback in North London. IFSO are gathering nearly stories from Crouch Enders and will be inviting audience members to talk about their nearlies on the night.

 A Night of Nearly is part of the UP! Festival. You can find out more about Chris Meade and Nearlyology


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