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Bologna: The Digital Artist – How to Animate Your Children’s Story

Writers, illustrators and publishers are invited to attend a half-day seminar with The Literary Platform and PubCoder at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, to find out more about the growing number of tools and services available to animate illustrated children’s stories.

In the first part of the seminar The Literary Platform will give a background presentation on animated children’s stories – looking at some case study success stories and also highlighting some of the issues in producing, publicising and funding these new products.

Bologna DigitalIn the second part of the session, The Literary Platform will talk through some of the new tools on the market aimed at helping writers, illustrators and publishers to animate content.

There will then be a short networking break to find out more about fellow attendees and the final part of the seminar will be a hands-on session for 90 minutes with Italian start-up PubCoder, who will go through the stages of animating children’s book content using their new platform.

At the end of the seminar attendees will have a better overview of the market, understand which tools might be best for their work and will also take away some practical skills for using this kind of product. Following the PubCoder workshop they will leave with some working pages of their own book.

The session is limited to just 30 delegates so early booking is recommended. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own Mac laptops with PubCoder installed (and users must be registered), along with some sample content to animate.

Please contact the organisers ahead of the seminar for more details about what to expect from the seminar.


Price: 49 Euros



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