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Two Left Feet

Resin, an Australian animation and visual effects company, is breathing new life into a beloved children’s book with the launch of Two Left Feet. The app uses augmented reality technology to bring existing copies of the physical book to life with 3D animation and narration.

Two Left Feet tells the story of Rufus, a monster who loves to dance despite his two left feet. Written and illustrated by Adam Stower, the book is aimed at children four and up and was originally published in 2004.

When users of the Two Left Feet app point their device’s camera at the physical book, the characters and scenes are brought to life using 3D animation and narration on the screen, appearing as if they are in fact performing on the pages of the book. They can move their device around to explore the animation from any angle and up close providing a 3D experience.

The app works with any existing edition of the book and users without the book can print out a special canvas to create the same effect and enjoy the full experience. It also includes a 2D mode featuring the book’s original illustrations combined with narration.

After their initial plan to translate the book into a 3D animated film was put on hold, the Resin studio developed the concept for a new hybrid between interactive books and 3D animation to create the app. With the first book finished, they are now in discussions with publishers and authors to bring more books to life using the process they are calling boooKAPP™.

“Because the boooKAPP technology works with existing editions of books there is a huge potential to apply the same process to other beloved stories that are already in millions of homes” said Grant Lovering, Creative Director at Resin.

“I am a huge fan of animation and when I illustrated Two Left Feet I tried to give as much movement to the characters as possible,” added Adam Stower, author and illustrator of Two Left Feet. ”I am very excited to see this new app breathe life into Rufus and his friends. I hope it will bring lots of extra enjoyment to fans of Two Left Feet, and introduce manynew readers to Rufus too.”

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