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Kids category goes live in the App Store with iOS7

The new kids category in the App store is just one of the many new features brought in with the iOS7 update last night. Some of the bigger changes include a new interface and an iTunes Radio (finally, though only in the US!).

The kids section of the app store is said to provide a “safe haven” for parents that want to find appropriate apps for their kids, and is broken down into age groups:  under 5, 6-8, and 9-11.

Developers were informed of the new category in August. The clarification complements the revised review guidelines for apps aimed at children under 13, introduced shortly before, that increase child data protection and prohibit behavioural tracking for under 13s.

The new category clearly changes things for developers of kids apps. While previously developers were forced to choose between education, books and games etc. (games being the only category with a sub category for kids – this has now been removed) they may now class their apps under the kids category (under one of three age ranges) as well as under one of the original categories.

The change will give an idea of the size of the kids app industry – as the numbers of children’s apps, and children’s app developers, were until now unclear. 

This focus on children in the technology world falls into line with the current industry-wide focus on education. The changes to Apple’s privacy policy and app store clearly correlate with its iPads in education initiative, and with similar moves from Samsung, the news of the Finnish Angry Birds curriculum, and Moshi world domination, it seems there isn’t anyone left without a finger in this pie.

Five of The Literary Platforms favourite kids apps:

Toca Hair Salon, Toca Boca

Me Books, Made In Me

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, Moonbot

Petting Zoo, Fox & Sheep

Cindarella, Nosy Crow

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