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Frankfurt Academy, launches hands-on distribution project

“Publishing is not a job anymore, it is the click of a button,” says media guru Clay Shirky. The Frankfurt Academy – the conference brand of the Frankfurt Book Fair – is keen to test this assertion and is launching its own hands-on digital distribution project under the title: “The click of a button? How to distribute digitally – and be read?!”. To this end it is planning to distribute its online magazine, the Frankfurt Academy Quarterly (or “FAQ”) in different formats – as an ebook, an app, a browser based magazine – on a range of different platforms and is working in tandem with start-ups such as London-based Contentment, and leading digital magazine distributor, Magzter, to explore the new digital distribution universe. Joanna Ellis and Sophie Rochester of the digital consultancy The Literary Platform (UK) are partners in the project.

You can read Joanna Ellis’ first post about the project over on the Frankfurt blog.

For the full press release and press contact details please follow this link.

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