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The Nudge List

iPad app
Production credits: AMS Digital Publishing and Aimer Media
Launch date: 20th February 2013

When we launched Nudge at the end of 2012, we knew that as well as reaching book lovers through the web, we wanted to extend our reach to the widest possible range of users. In addition to good old email and social media, the idea of doing an app was therefore very appealing and an interesting new challenge.

With the rise of apps and eBooks, consumers have more choice than ever. However, the experience of discovery within these environments has not kept pace with the volume of product that is now available. With our app, The Nudge List, we wanted to cut through the clutter and be proud of picking just the ten best and most interesting things happening in the world of books for each issue. Each story could have a supporting video, audio clip and/or extract, as well as links to further content on the website.

The project posed two main challenges. The first was to make sure we had the editorial know-how and resources to create each issue, so we appointed a dedicated editor with a remit to source and create great content. The second was how to update the app without needing to submit actual updates through Apple. We didn’t want to simply have a web-based app, as that would not have worked for users who were offline, so we created a content delivery system based on creating updates using a WordPress site and publishing them using a custom plugin. When the editor pushes the button, the content for that issue is bundled up for the app to download. This is a content delivery approach that could have wider possibilities for content-driven businesses and getting it up and running has been an interesting learning curve.

We worked with Aimer Media to develop the app. For now it’s iPad only, with the ability to link any story to the relevant app or eBook on iTunes. We’ve had excellent support from Apple, as a result of which downloads are already over 10,000 since our late-January launch. Next stop is to look at extending to target iPhone users, and after that it’s time to look at the world of Android tablets.

The Nudge List is free to iPad users and you can download it here.

Simon Appleby is Managing Director of AMS Digital Publishing, which runs The Nudge List as well as the Nudge website. 

AMS Digital Media

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