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Exclusive stories in new Murakami Diary app

Murakami app

Vintage Books has launched a pretty calendar app for 2013 that enables users to inhabit Murakami’s beguiling fictional universe all year round.  Synchronizing with Apple device iCal functionality, the app features exclusive new material by Murakami and a generous selection of quotations from his novels and stories.

The app includes six exclusive short stories by Murakami, quotations from Murakami’s thirteen backlist titles and from his new novel 1Q84, selected by his fans and cover artwork from the newly designed backlist.

Users can add, organise and delete events, share favourite quotes via email, Facebook or Twitter and access iBooks without leaving the app to easily purchase and download Murakami ebooks and samples.

The app is launched to coincide with the paperback publication of Murakami’s latest novel, IQ84, the Vintage repackaging of his backlist and Murakami’s birthday on 12th January. It will be supported by a digital marketing campaign aimed at Murakami’s loyal fans, including the 600,000 on his Facebook fan page. Developed by Aimer Media with Vintage, the app costs £1.99.

We’ll be reviewing the app soon in Showcase – in the meantime you can also have a dig around the neat little Murakami microsite.

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