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Five Stories High to take on Citizen Kane at the Flatpack Festival

This weekend Birmingham’s Flatpack Festival will play host to Five Stories High, a story relay take on Citizen Kane. This literary endeavour is part of a YARN festival series in which a familiar tale is retold in an unfamiliar way: through song, performance, film, illustration and words.

Each participant will be given a chunk (around 6.5 per cent) of the Citizen Kane narrative to present in their own particular style. The bar is set high by the choice of many critics’ all time favourite film, but then again Five Stories High don’t seem particularly shy of a challenge; their first retelling was of The Odyssey.

At Flatpack they have fifteen local artists – including Dan Auluk, Aston Lewsey, Rich Stokes and David Ewer – ready to tackle the almighty Citizen Kane. Paper Cinema will also be presenting one of the 6.5 per cent slices.

The event is free and takes place at 4pm on Sunday 18 March 2012 at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. Visit the Flatpack Festival website or the Five Stories High Facebook event page for more details.

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