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Dans Mon Rêve wins Bologna Ragazzi Digital Prize

The winner of the very first Bologna Ragazzi Digital Prize was awarded last night to e-Toiles éditions for their highly-imaginative children’s book app, Dans Mon Rêve.

One of 252 entries submitted by 179 publishers from 25 countries, the app displayed those traits that the independent judging panel were looking for: innovative, interactive features that compliment and extend children’s storytelling.

According to Chris Meade, director of if:Book and a member of the judging panel, the standard was extremely high yet all 3 finalists successfully provided children with ‘a rich, engaging experience while not losing their connection to storytelling, writing and illustration.’

Written and illustrated by Stéphane Kiehl and narrated by Tom Novembre, Dans Mon Rêve is a twist on the traditional children’s game of Heads, Bodies, Legs. Children slide the top, middle or bottom panel to create a new visual. As the image changes so too does the corresponding line of text at the bottom of the screen – rather like improvisational storytelling. Another touch and the newly-formed text is read aloud by the narrator.

Some of the app’s features include: a moon icon that changes the selected image from day to night; a star-shaped window that glides over the page when the iPad is turned from portrait to landscape; and a gallery to save favourite picture and word combinations.

The app veers away from linear narrative as it puts the child in charge of the story’s direction, and it brilliantly showcases what is possible on a touch-screen reading device.

The Bologna Ragazzi Digital Prize also gave Honorable Mentions to The Numberlys app produced by Moonbot Studios (visit here for our review) and Quem Soltou o Pum? (Who Let the Fart Out?) by Atendimento Editora Schwarcz.

The jurors were Warren Buckleitner, Editor of Children’s Technology Review, from New Jersey, USA, André Letria, an Illustrator and Publisher from Lisbon, Portugal; the UK based Chris Meade, Director of if:book, and Cristina Mussinelli of the Italian Publishers Association.

Dans Mon Rêve is available on iPad

Developer: e-Toiles éditions

Date of Release: 20 December 2011

Price: £2.99, 3.99€

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