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ustwo™ launches PAPERCUT!

ustwo™ announces today (15 September 2011) the launch of their long-awaited PAPERCUT app – an interactive reading app for iPad which aims to immerse readers in a world of sound and narrative. We were lucky enough to see this project develop from early prototype stage through to a half-way point (presented at the FutureBook Innovation Workshop in association with The Literary Platform in June 2011), right through to the beautiful project which ustwo™ has been able to execute.

ustwo™ developed the project in collaboration with Shortfire Press, and is now making available works from three leading British authors to showcase – novelist and non-fiction writer Richard Beard, award winning Nadifa Mohamed and poet and illustrator Laura Dockrill.

What is particularly interesting about this project is how each story has a very different feel, demonstrating how an author might get excited about visualising the way they ‘see’ they’re own story.

The app went straight to No.1 in the Book App Charts and then App of the Week. Well done to those ustwo™ grafters in strange costumes for what Stuart Dredge rightly calls their labour of love.
You can download Papercut here.
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