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Play and print: new books Apps for HP TouchPad

One recent recurring question in the digital publishing debate is whether there will really be any competition to Apple in the book app market? So it’s with interest that Winged Chariot, the digital publisher behing Scruffy Kitty and many more book apps, announced this week that their award winning multi-lingual apps were now available for the webOS and the new HP TouchPad.

Winged Chariot has been working¬† to create a new edition of Scruffy Kitty, combining simple functions of digital story telling and a unique paper option of colouring book pages to print off. Because of HP’s strong position in the wireless printer market, the Scruffy Kitty makers decides to make a webOS version where you can access an embedded colouring book screen and print it off.

Neal Hoskins from Winged Chariot explains,

“With the tablet now establishing itself as the consumer item and apps the way in which we play and access our information wingedchariot was delighted to get early access to the new webOS software development kit. It was a good challenge to bring some of our story apps to a new and exciting webased platform.

Rather than just port some of our Apple flavour apps we brought some new features and even new colours to Scruffy Kitty on the touchPad.¬† With webOS using Javascript and other instructional languages that are set within modern web development we were really able to think more about how we will integrate¬† some of our app work in the browser itself and bring this rich content to different screens; whether it be your phone, your tablet laptop or desktop.”

Although ‘colouring in’ on screen has been seen often in kids apps, Winged Chariot decided to go with a proper ‘print’ option as they couldn’t find a satisfying way to make colouring on screen work and love the touch of pen on paper.

A reader can enjoy the story in 5 languages and go to a whole set of colouring book screens that can be printed off from any HP wireless printer with one tap of the embedded screen.

Neal Hoskins continues,

“We are really proud of our new work and love the fact we have found an excellent way to combine digital reading with a print and colouring book option.”

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