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Mr Pinkerton for iPad

Punflay is a US-based digital education company that focuses on interactive storybooks and educational games and apps. Their latest release is Mr Pinkerton aimed at children of 6 and above.

Mr Pinkerton is the ‘fattest pig on the farm’. He dreams of squeezing through the narrow barn gate and going for a walk. The fact that he can’t makes him sad. Things get critical when one of his arachnid mates asks if he’s ‘dying’. Just the sort of person you want to have around when you’re obese and depressed. His other friends are more helpful and try to batter the barn door down. Finally one night there’s a mighty storm and…the barn is blown down! Fatty waddles out, reflects on his life (but not his spiralling weight problem) and returns to find a new barn already constructed – with no gate. Perhaps in the sequel we can hear about Mr Pinkerton’s newly found freedom and strict diet and exercise regime?

The app’s visuals are appealing and the narration is soothing (sleep mode turns off the visuals but retains the audio so your child can simply listen) but there are very few interactive features. It’s more of a read, listen and tilt situation.  Overall this is a good, reasonably priced app for very young children and emergent readers.

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