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The Last Word Challenge

This is a fun, scientific, online quiz [now offline 10-Feb-11] and innovative quiz creator, based on material taken from New Scientist magazine’s series of best selling books ‘Does Anything Eat Wasps?’, ‘Why Don’t Penguins’ Feet Freeze?’, ‘Do Polar Bears Get Lonely?’ and new content from the forthcoming ‘Why Elephants Can’t Jump?’.

Visitors to the dedicated quiz website are challenged to choose the correct answers to multiple choice scientific questions. Once you’ve made your choice the site reveals the science behind right and wrong answers, and refers players to the New Scientist book with the full explanation. You can answer randomly selected questions, quizzes put together by other players or themed quizzes published on the site every week. Your score is easy to share with your friends online.

Players can create mini-quizzes for friends on Facebook and twitter by signing in through Facebook Connect. The more your quizzes are played the more points you get and by playing the game themselves budding quizmasters unlock new questions to choose from. There’s even the option to confuse your friends by writing new ‘wrong’ multiple choice answers. Over the next few months the site is offering a prize for the best and most creative quiz.

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