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Released alongside a traditional ebook edition myFry offers readers an alternative way to explore Stephen Fry’s autobiography ‘The Fry Chronicles’. Fry’s writing style allowed the book to be split up into over 100 small sections, each dealing with a separate episode in his life, all suitable for reading on their own or in any order. myFry’s eye-catching navigation or ‘visual index’ visualises the sections of the book as spines arranged around a wheel, colour coded to indicate which themes the deal with (e.g. ‘Ben Elton’ or ‘love’).

Readers choose which section to read by dialing round the wheel. Each section of the text is simply laid out over several screens of vertically scrolling text and read linearly, but reading on to the next section is only possible by returning to the navigation wheel, encouraging a non-linear progression through the book: exploration and dipping in-and-out. Readers can also highlight and navigate through all sections dealing with a particular theme, and mark off which sections they’re read.

Fry has recorded a video introduction to the app.

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