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The London Poetry Game

The London Poetry Game has just launched and needs YOU. And the nice bilingual people you pass every day in the street…

Each line of a brand new poem written by Ross Sutherland has been translated into a different language, and it’s up to participants to translate these poems into English so the poem can be heard. It’s said that you’re never more than ten feet from a speaker of a foreign language in London so look around you…

Participants are asked to call 0870 8200025 (calls charged at your local rate) and to follow the prompts to translate a line.  Each translation will receive a prize and there will be a top prize for the person who translates the most lines.  All information given will not be shared with anyone.

The finished poem will be assembled from every translation that is phoned in and broadcast at the National Theatre (London) on Sunday 11th July as part of the Hide&Seek Weekender. Your translation could be included!

Game design – Alex Fleetwood

Poem by – Ross Sutherland

Artwork design – Consuelo Yavar

Technology – Chris Thorpe

Produced by – Sarah Ellis

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