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Max et Mathilde iPhone app

The new Max et Mathilde (Ladybird Books) iPhone application, launched by Café Rouge , will help children to learn French on the go through simple gameplay.

The free iPhone app, produced by Vexed Digital, includes two Max et Mathilde games for little learners – Font les Courses and Les Jours de Semaines.

Vexed Digital re-created the graphics to work on the iPhone, working closely with the original creators of Max et Mathilde (Daryl Stevenson and Vivienne Creevey), and made best use of iPhone’s touchscreen functionality to engage children in the learning games.

The free iPhone app is now available from the App Store.

Vivienne Creevey, author of Max et Mathilde said today:

“The Max et Mathilde characters are all about making French fun and accessible to little language learners. Speaking a second language is a key skill for children in today’s increasingly global environment. These apps are a fantastic place to get a head start.”

Café Rouge and Ladybird’s Max et Mathilde series launched a special partnership in March 2010. The Max et Mathilde book and CD series (Ladybird Books) is devised to help children learn French, now the most popular modern language in schools in the UK.  The Max et Mathilde series provides the perfect supplementary material for both school and home.

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