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World War Two In An Hour ebooks

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Features: Key people with photographs, and timelines
Production credits: History In An Hour and Collca
Launch date: 27 May 2010

Lasting six years and a day, the Second World War saw the civilian, however young or elderly, in the frontline of war. Civilian deaths accounted for 5% of those killed during the First World War; during the Second, of the 50 million plus killed, it was over 66%. During the 2,174 days of the conflict, a thousand people died for each and every hour it lasted.

With 81 of the world’s nations involved, compared to 28 during the First World War, this war, unlike any other, was total war. This, in an hour, is how it all happened.

History In An Hour is a series of ebooks to help the reader learn the basic facts of a given subject area with as little effort as possible. During the Second World War, for example, exactly what was Dunkirk about, or the Normandy Landings? During the Cold War, what happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis, why was there a wall in Berlin?

World War Two In An Hour ebooks deliver this story in a straight narrative in sixty minutes. Having absorbed the basics, inspired readers can then explore further.

Second World War in an Hour

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