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Underwood short stories for vinyl LP

Features: Short stories on vinyl MP
Production credits: Underwood / Nathan Dunne / Emily Chicken / Jordan Crane
Launch date: May 2010

Underwood is a twice-yearly publication produced as a vinyl LP featuring two writers. The journal appears in May and November each year and is a limited edition. Born out of a love for short stories and vinyl records, Underwood works with writers to produce a unique recording. The project is launched by Tarkovsky writer and editor, Nathan Dunne.

Underwood launched its first record of short stories in May 2010 featuring the writers Toby Litt and Clare Wigfall.

The Hare by Toby Litt features an adventure in the Welsh countryside and a chase in the British library. Toby Litt is the author of Adventures in Capitalism, Beatniks, Corpsing, deadkidsongs, Exhibitionism, Finding Myself, Ghost Story, Hospital, I play the drums in a band called okay, Journey into Space and King Death. He is a Granta Best of Young British Novelist.

Along Birdcage Walk by Clare Wigfall is a love story set in St James Park in the seventeenth century. Her debut collection of short stories The Loudest Sound and Nothing won the BBC National Short Story Award.

The Underwood record is printed on 12″ gatefold vinyl with artwork by Jordan Crane. Copies of the record can be bought from the Underwood website.

The Underwood design, by Emily Chicken, is “a simple, characterful monochrome type design for sleeves, record labels and website. The sleeve is designed to open like a book with a simple gatefold format.”

£23.00 with shipping

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