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MA students publish Click of Time

The MA Publishing students of Anglia Ruskin University have just launched their first publication, Click of Time: Reflections on the Digital Age. Published in print and eBook formats, Click of Time is an illustrated anthology published in response to a commission from the Cultures of the Digital Economy (CoDE) Research Institute.

The brief was to bring together craftsmanship skills from earlier times with new tools, creative environments and ideas from today’s Digital Age and to answer the question posed – “Does the digital age reflect the Industrial Revolution and its associated fears of a decline in creativity and quality (as expressed by the Arts and Crafts Movement) or does it release us and allow evermore creative possibilities and an expansion to our quality of life?”

The publication contains professional and academic essays, creative prose and poetry as well as photographic and graphic interpretations and reflections. Contributors include students, professionals, and academics, reflecting the interdisciplinary strengths inherent in the creative disciplines at Anglia Ruskin and the vitality of collaborative work with the world beyond. The printed book has been created with aesthetic reading pleasure strongly in mind, and the eBook explores how digital online tools can enhance this experience.

Supported by a loan from (CoDE), the MA Publishing students have created and published Click of Time from scratch – an undertaking that has tested and proved the group’s skills and determined efforts to work to professional standards.

Guided by module leader Ian Bennett, lecturer in design and production, and course leader, Dr Samantha Rayner, the group of students commissioned, edited, created professional page layouts, exchanged and managed contracts, and marketed and promoted this special limited edition anthology.  The book’s online presence includes an exciting Digital Marketing Portal. The teams worked hard, experiencing the very real pressures of the publishing project management process, and the end product is testament to their commitment and talents.  Click of Time is a printed book that is also a beautiful artefact and an eBook that demonstrates technical awareness of the content potential available to digital book publishers today.

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