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Corpoetics ‘found’ poetry

digital to book
Features: Poems inspired by mission statements
Production credits: Asbury & Asbury
Launch date: 2009

Corpoetics is a collection of ‘found’ poetry from the websites of well-known brands and corporations. Writer Nick Asbury visited various company websites, found the closest thing to a corporate overview or mission statement, then set about rearranging the words into poetry. The results range from the comical to the surreal and subversive.

Goldman Sachs yielded a strangely appropriate limerick:

You wish to submit a concern?
A concern regarding the firm?
Who are you? Are you new?
You will learn who is who.
You will learn to submit to the firm.

Pot Noodle became a lament for lost innocence and a relationship gone sour:

The boy that amazed you.
The date that got you.
The hands that shared you.
The tears that burst you.

The wonder you shared –
now the public eat it,
using spoons, forks, hands.

Other brands up for the treatment include KPMG, Toyota, Nike, Lastminute and Halliburton.

Produced by creative partnership Asbury & Asbury, Corpoetics gained coverage in the Evening Standard, Creative Review magazine and literary blogs around the world, as well as winning a Yellow Pencil at the 2009 D&AD Awards.

Asbury & Asbury

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